This story is fiction

Hi! Iím Anthony Ant. I come from a far away galaxy although ancestors originated in Earth.
Long ago some ants nested inside one of the first spaceships to go to the moon. They passed unperceived by the astronauts and other technical personnel.

When the spaceship arrived to the moon the ants were able to start a new nest. They lived for quite some time in the deepness of the lunar soil.

One day a meteorite hit the ground sending them traveling through space in another meteorite. They traveled millions of miles away and away until they crashed in a another planet.

Despite the hardships of the trip and the traumas caused by the impact of the meteorite, most of the colony survived. Life in this new planet was quite different to life in Earth, though the climatic conditions were quite the same.

Due to the lack of significant predators the colony was able to reproduce very fast and through the years evolve quite a bit. As you can see, now we can talk and behave pretty much like humans. With our hard outer shells we do not need to wear clothes but we like to wear different accessories to distinguish from each other.

We have travel in back in time and space to come here and find out more about our ancestors.
Together we will be learning a lot of cool stuff about ants.

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