Reproductive CycleAnts with larvae

All ants have a four stage reproduction cycle: Eggs, larvae, pupae and adult.

In spring , summer, and autumn you can see swarming clouds of drones and queens mating. They look like small little flies, but if you look up closely you will see they are ants.

They mate in the air. After this, the queen falls to the ground and looks for a place where to start the new nest. While doing so she reaps off her wings because they would not be of any use in her underground home.

If the mating takes place in the autumn the queen would hibernate until spring. Otherwise, it will start laying eggs right away. After few days, the eggs will hatch into small larvae. The larvae will spun and close itself inside a cocoon. Inside the cocoon the larvae, as many other insects, will go through very important changes to become an adult ant. These changes are called metamorphosis.

Anthony AntAnthony Ant

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