Anthony Ant in CyberspaceAnthony Ant

From a distant future they came.
Antoria had their home as a name.
From their planet of a faraway sun.
Time and space they traveled in a run.

Dance can they, and even talk,
and guess, in two legs can they walk.

Our planet Earth are they visiting now.
Could have they come just to milk a cow?
Or may the greedy ants be looking for gold?
or, wait! may they be studying the old?

Studying the old!  yes that’s what I was told.
To discover their ancestral roots is their goal.

What on Earth are they? Can you guess?
Let’s see what our hero Anthony says.
Of course, you don’t know who Anthony is.
But be sure he is a guy you wouldn't miss.

His spaceship is now in the sea
where no one can easily find or see.

He is waiting for you ashore,
to help him this world explore.
He wants to search and ponder
on the old ant's world of wonder.


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