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Website Design 

Bubblegum Productions offers tailored website development to suit your business. The Bubblegum Productions team will analyse your needs and design a site that will increase your sales and generate quality leads.

From a simple on-line marketing brochure to a fully-fledged e-commerce solution or database driven site, Bubblegum Productions can help you achieve your goals and go the extra mile.

Our focus is in further developing your business, so you can enjoy a 24/7 shop-front that works for you even when you sleep.

Some retailers have the misconception that a website is useful only if you are planning to sell over the Internet. They cannot be further from the truth.

The web will never replace the traditional retail selling, but is an invaluable complement to any business, and it cannot be ignored.

With our fast-paced lives, more and more shoppers are turning to the Internet to find information about products and services. This does not necessarily mean that they will shop on-line, but armed with their findings the go out and buy from the physical store. Make sure they find out about your business when they do their research.

The information on your website can include products ranges and catalogues, stores location, feedback forms, details about your business, etc. A website can save you money in advertising and printed catalogues and brochures.

You do not need to start big. Actually, sometimes is better to start small and grow as the need arises. This will allow you to get feedback from your customers and tailor your site according to their suggestions.

A website can also add image to your business and position it as technologically advanced, as well as create an awareness of your name and brand.

Have a look at some of our work and see how a website has benefited some of our clients.


e-Marketing can be a very powerful tool, as it allows your organisation to keep in touch with customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. If you collect customer information, then a weekly or monthly e-mail notifying them of a new product range, a promotion, a discount sale, or anything that may be of interest to your customers, will keep them coming back to your store. Remember that in most cases 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers, so keeping them informed and happy will prove beneficial.

Bubblegum Productions can customise your newsletter or promotion to be send via e-mail. This can save you thousands of dollars in printing costs. Now is so much easier and cheaper to keep in touch with your customers, that there are no excuses.

Search Engine Optimisation

A key aspect of Internet marketing for many sites is high search engine rankings. Bubblegum productions can optimise your site in such a way as to maximize its potential for the highest possible positions.

We employ proven programming techniques and customise your site to be found by your target market.

We can also develop other ways to increase visitors to your site. This should include such aspects as identifying and arranging reciprocal links, search engine submissions, providing off-line marketing strategies in the form of mail-outs, telemarketing, referral programs, visitor incentives, and other contact means.

Printing Services

Bubblegum Productions can now offer printing of promotional material at very reasonable prices. Complement your website strategy with direct mailing, brochures and catalogues. We can now offer a complete marketing campaign.

The best part is that Bubblegum Productions has a state of the art digital printing equipment which allows small B&W or full colour runs at very reasonable prices as no plates are necessary. You don't have to commit yourself to thousands of copies that may become obsolete after delivering the first 50. You are able to change content easily and your investment is very small, so it helps your cash flow.

Panoramic photographs (zoomable) "PanoBubbles"

Bubblegum Productions offers panoramas, which gives your site the edge for marketing. Your clients can practically be inside your premises, move around, and close up on certain details they may find interesting.

This is perhaps the most cost-effective method to get your potential customers visit your premises for the first time. The more contact your customers have with your business, the more probabilities they will become your permanent buyers.

We have partnered with one of the top experts in Australia to insure the highest quality, both in photography, and in the preparation of the the "PanoBubbles".

Please click on the sub-title above to see details of the service, and several examples.

Web Hosting

Bubblegum Productions offers web hosting to its clients, not as a money making exercise, but to be able to provide excellent service, and insure the reliable running of their sites.

Hosting plans can be tailored to the needs of each site but in general they offer reliable 24/7 service, high traffic, domain hosting, domain aliases, e-mail addresses with multiple forwarding, CGI bin, database, and Cold Fusion server.

Domain Registrations

Register your Domain Name with us and save! We offer competitive prices in the most popular domain extensions.

Don't wait until the last moment to register your name or it may be taken. Domain names are very affordable. You know how important the right name is for branding, so is your domain name. You can secure a great promotional tool now, even if you are not yet ready to have a website. For more information click here.

Web Services

When you are trying to communicate with more than one person and need to economize time and resources, then, whatever your problem, give us a call or e-mail us and we will surely be able to help you.

Search engine optimisation can make the difference between a successful website and a useless one.

Depending on the purpose of your site and your target market, making sure that your site is found in the search engines can be vital.

With billions of websites in Internet, all competing with one another, nobody will visit your site unless it gets a high ranking.

Bubblegum Productions can help you obtain top positions in the major search engines by applying specific programming techniques.

If you would like more information on how to achieve high positions for your website, please give us a call on: 1300 13 9283



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